Archive | January, 2011

A few old photos

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  These are all from the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route 2008.

Bike Art

I’ve never really been one to collect art, except for some Radiohead posters when I was younger.  The last two years I’ve gone to the Chrome ArtCrank event in SOMA, where local artists make a special print for the event, usually in a limited quantity of 30-50.  There are a lot of prints that I’m […]

Rohloff overhaul/love/repair and stuff

Yesterday I went out to Albany (just north of Berkeley) to see Neil from Cycle Monkey.  I had a damaged tool interface on my Rohloff Speedhub and needed to have it replaced. Cycle Monkey is the sole service center for Rohloff hubs in North America.  Neil had my hub apart in no time, and I […]

Ever wonder what happens at a bike touring meetup?

Yeah, I was wondering too.  So last night I went to the Northern California Bike Touring and Camping social meetup to find out. Just as I thought! a bunch of crazy people climbing up the walls!  It was actually a lot of fun, I got to meet other like-minded people and heard about past and […]

This Week.

Haven’t been riding as much in December as I normally would, but here are a few pics from fun things I’ve done. Bike Polo in the mission These guys play every week, and have some really neat bikes adapted specifically to their purposes.  Super low gears, almost exclusively single speed or fixed gear, upright bars, […]