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rides, crashes, projects and fun!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I took a few days to go to Big Sur for a little camping and hot-springing. Fortunately we headed down right before the big section of Highway 1 caved in, so there was only a detour on the way back up. The weather is finally great here, and […]

mini post, big garage sale at American Cyclery

This Friday evening at 5pm and going through Monday, April 4, my shop American Cyclery is having a big basement sale. The shop has been around since 1941, and there is a lot of neat vintage stuff we’ll be pulling up. There are also deals on regular inventory we have here. You can read more […]

What’s in my workstand

So the other day we were visited by a quite influential person in the cycling world, and he brought in a bike that looked very familiar. You can read more about this bike here.The Bike has a Bilenky Mixte frame, and absolutely no expense was spared to make this an absolute one off with every […]

how to make a guy want you back after a breakup

whats the quickest way to get a ex how to get back with your ex girlfriend that you broke up with best way to get a boyfriend back things to say to get your ex gf ideas to win your girlfriend back Unfortunately not so good for pictures. Same spot as the last post, overlooking […]