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Fun Day

Today I had the day off and went for a little ride… but not before eating some of my Easter ham soup! I’ve made this for the last three years, with the leftover ham bone and lots

Meet Glenn and Juan, and their sweet bikes!

It must be that time of the year, because I got to meet two more long distance bike tourists the other day, both very interesting and with two distinctly different style bikes. This is Juan Tunon Martinez, and he’s riding a Surly Big Dummy equipped with a Rohloff Speedhub.  Juan is riding from Tierra del […]

Pushing the Pedals is going to the Himalayas!

I’m extremely excited to announce that myself and Aaron G, who has been featured here before, are going to be spending just under a month bike touring in the northern Indian Himalayas.  We just booked our flights, and will be heading out mid August.  Currently the plan is to ride a variation of the Manali-Leh […]

Bad Ass Tourin’ Rigs

I like helping people find just the right bike for their needs.  I’m happy to sell somebody a fancy carbon road bike or a simple fixed gear, but my absolute favorite kind of customer is one who comes in asking for a touring bike, to be used for an actual tour. Here are a couple […]

A new wheel is born

The wheelset on my bike is very tough.  I currently have in the back a Rohloff Speedhub Disc laced to a 32 spoke Mavic EX721 rim, and in the front a Schmidt SON28 Disc generator hub laced to the same rim in 36 holes.  Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to upgrade […]

Meet Julien, the barefoot bicycle tourist

A couple week ago a customer named Julien came in asking about xtracycle based touring bikes.  I got very excited, and told him about the Surly Big Dummy, a bike that I owned and loved before my current touring/mountain bike.  He was planning a bike tour across the country, carrying musical equipment and playing shows […]

Here’s why you should change your bar tape regularly.

A customer came in today during our big spring cleaning sale with a set of handlebars that have the worst case of toxic sweat corrosion I’ve ever seen.He uses this bike on a home trainer in his garage and had noticed that his bars were flexing quite a bit.  After unwrapping the bar tape, he […]