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All About The Bend

For some reason I can’t keep a set of handlebars on my bike for long before I feel the urge to swap. Part of it has to do with my need to tinker with things.  Here are the last three:Top to bottom: Origin8 Space Off Road II (37 degree bend), Salsa Bend 2 (23degree), Surly […]

Tent Handbook

How many outdoor equipment companies do you know of that still produce any kind of print catalog?  How about a super informative and helpful one with lots of tips and detailed photos? I couldn’t think of too many either, but the one I look forward to the most is from Hilleberg of Sweden.After bikes, tents […]

Campin With Cass (and Dylan!) Part 2

Cass left for a couple of weeks to visit his friend Scott from Porcelain Rocket up in Canada, and we had planned on going out on viagra in the uk a little bit longer trip, this time three days and two nights. Before we could get to the fun though, Cass had completely destroyed his […]

Semi-Productive Sick Day

I’ve come down with bit of a cold, so I’m spending this wet day off from work being productive indoors, practicing my knots and drinking plenty of green tea.Fallkniven TK2, waterproof knot booklet, Bowline and Trucker’s Hitch, green tea. I’ve been deficient with my knot skills for a while, so I ordered the Pro-Knot waterproof […]

Dreaming of Blue Skies and Dirt Roads

The weather forecast here in San Francisco calls for rain and cold for the next week. We’ve been spoiled by an amazingly warm and dry December and January, but knew it couldn’t last.  I now find myself daydreaming about unpaved adventures with good friends.Indian Himalayas, way up high.Keeping warm with an improvised cow patty campfire.Great […]

Camping With Cass Part One (and a Pig Roast!)

A few weeks ago Cass Gilbert emailed to say he would be in town soon and would I like to meet up and ride some trails? He’s taking a break from his tour from Alaska to Patagonia to visit friends in the US.  We had never met, but I’d been interested to pick his brain […]