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She Rolls! Breakin’ Her In

Happy Extra Day today! I had been impatiently anticipating the arrival of the very very last part for the new Salsa El Mariachi for several days, and after thinking that it had been lost in the mail I received a text from an old roommate asking me if I needed the small padded envelope that […]

Heavy bikes

Normally I don’t care too much about how much my bike(s) weigh. My first priority is durability and reliability, but my goal with the new Salsa is to get it 10 pounds lighter than my Inglis, still using the same Rohloff drivetrain. Part of this is easy, as I won’t be using any racks.  Tubus makes […]

New Trinkets From Rivendell, and a Bike Calendar

Before I start today’s post, I thought I would ask you, the people who visit this site, what kind of topics would you like to see more of here? Less of? I’ve really appreciated all the comments and feedback over the last year, but I’m always looking to provide more interesting content. I recently made […]

Campout and Other Pics

Pushing the pedals reader Mandy M. sent me a couple pics of a very interesting bike she saw the other day on her ferry commute. Yes, I know, I’m thinking the same thing. Hopefully that’s not what’s left of the previous owner (Mandy’s joke). Seen on my morning commute to work. All the parts for […]

Soma Tradesman Pizza Bike

I recently sold Tim P from Escape From New York Pizza on Haight St. a Soma Tradesman cycletruck cargo bike.  He’s a cool guy and really into bikes, and thought that the Soma would be a great alternative to cars for delivering pizzas. 

A Few Pictures

A collection of photos that didn’t fit into their own separate posts.Me and Grandpa on his 75th Birthday.  Good looking dude!

The Start Of Something New

I’ve been waiting, and today it finally arrived! That would be my new Salsa El Mariachi frame.