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A Big Change

As some of my friends now know, there is going to be a big change for me in the coming months.  I’ve accepted a Trip Leader position with Backroads for this summer and fall.  What this means is that I’ll be leaving my apartment in San Francisco and moving out on the road!  It’s a […]

Salsa/Revelate Frame Bag

Before I start this post, if you want to see how a vacation video looks when it’s done right, check out what my friend Mike made! We Like Japan I’ve been enjoying using my lightweight seat and bar bags in an effort to reduce my pack weight and volume, but the biggest part of the […]

A Well Worn Ride

The other day an interesting guy came by the shop, his name is Siphay and he comes from France.He’s on a very long bike ride with some friends, riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker equipped with a Rohloff.

Riding Up From Santa Cruz

After NAHBS, Cass, his friend Matt P and I hitched a ride to Santa Cruz for a little adventure.  We crashed at the home of Quentin, the proprietor of Farfarer racks and trailers.  Quentin lives in a massive victorian in downtown Santa Cruz and builds his wares in a shed workshop in the back yard. 

NAHBS part two

I’ve spent some time thinking about my favorite bike from this year’s handbuilt show, and I can’t stop thinking about this one. It’s a replica of a Whippet bicycle from 1888,

Highlights from NAHBS

Yes, I know that NAHBS was two weeks ago.  Quite a bit has happened since then, and this year is looking to be one filled with big changes for me.  More info to come, but until then here are some of my favorite bikes from the show in Sacramento. First stop was the Retrotec/Inglis Cycles […]

Bad Things With Bikes and Buses

Yesterday I saw the most extreme case of brake/wheel neglect yet.