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What’s in my repair kit?

Many people carry some sort of repair kit while riding their bicycle, but when’s the last time you compared yours with somebody else or really thought about it? Here’s mine: I keep everything in a Carousel Design Works bag, which is conveniently sized for this application and has a water-resistant zipper. It’s pretty simple but […]

Cameras for Bicycle Touring

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. These days almost anything will work for as a travel camera.  In India, Jorge and Aaron brought nothing but their iPhone 4 cameras. I remember reading at one point that the iPhone 4 was the most used camera on Flickr! When I […]

image of bike camping kit

An Overnight Bike Camping Kit

I often talk with people who want to go bike camping, but feel intimidated by the amount of gear needed to do so even for one night. The nice thing about going on a short camping trip in good weather is that the gear demands are much less than a ‘bike tour’ or winter camping […]

Installing a Philcentric Bottom Bracket

I recently had a chance to install a unique part on a customer’s bike.  It’s called a Philcentric bottom bracket, and the idea is that it turns any bike with vertical dropouts and a standard bottom bracket shell into one that can use a single speed or internally geared hub without using a chain tensioner. […]

A wallet for cycling

I’ve been recently using a new wallet from the San Francisco based company Mr Smith Inc.  It’s called the Jimi wallet, and it’s the best thing I’ve found so far as a minimalist front pocket cycling wallet. It stays closed securely and will open with a firm push at the latch. The wallet is water […]

The Whole Package

The Mariachi is finally ready for Action. The last parts are in place, including this one:Eriksen Sweetpost.It has approximately twice the setback of my Thomson Elite post, and the brown hardware matches the mud that will inevitably be flung upon it. Now that the system is in place, it was time to give it a […]

A Visit To Falconer Cycles

After setting up the Mariachi with a frame bag, I knew that I needed another option for carrying a water bottle, so I called up Cameron Falconer to see about installing a set of bosses on the down tube. He was excited to help and show me around his workspace.

(APRIL FOOLS) Inglis needs a good home!

I’ve decided to get rid of my Inglis since I’ll be taking the Mariachi with me to Backroads. It’s parked at the corner of Frederick and Stanyan unlocked, feel free to take it. Glad I can give back to the cycling community!