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Aaron’s Surly Troll Rohloff Long Term Review

To see Aaron’s initial review of the Surly Troll, it’s HERE.       One year ago I built and reviewed a Surly Troll with a Rohloff Speedhub. Two chains, a few thousand miles and a couple of parts swaps later, the Troll is alive and shredding. Over the past year the Troll has performed […]

New Poster Project and a Bike Trip in Marin

After talking for about it for a year or so, my friend Michael Morgan has nearly finished the artwork for a poster for Pushing The Pedals. There will be only 100 made, and they will be all hand silk screened here in San Francisco. Stay tuned for mo buy cialis online re details! I went […]

image of Dan with Rivendell

Camping In The Hills, Tour Chasing

Another Monday, another campout. After coffee at Rapha, I headed out to Walnut Creek on BART to camp in the hills. I had planned to camp alone, but when I stopped by Camera West to say hi to Dan, who sold me my new Fuji X-Pro1 and rides his Rivendell to work every day, he […]

Tour of California Action

This morning I met up with Jorge to catch the start of the second stage of the Amgen Tour of California.

image of thomson stem bag, aaron's repair kit

What’s in Aaron’s Repair Kit?

While camping the other night, Aaron commented that his repair kit is one of the heaviest things in his bags.  I had him dump it all out so we could see what was inside. Everything seems so neat and tidy, until you open it up. Aaron is the guy you want to be with if you […]

Monday is for Camping

Yesterday I found this on the street: Scary, because it’s the same lock I use. It looks like it was cut with some kind of hydraulic bolt cutter, a very clean cut. Aaron and I got lucky with the weather on our overnight campout Monday. We started at the ferry building where we picked up some […]


I’m officially (f)unemployed! It’s been a busy week moving out of my apartment and sorting out what exactly I’ll need for my new life and job on the road leading bicycle trips. This weekend I finally was able to relax a bit, ride the bike and shoot some photos. This was my favorite picture of […]

image of Co-Motion Rohloff Americano

Dream Bike For Sale

My dad has decided that his ‘forever bike’ is not getting enough use and he’s decided to sell it. I built it from the frame up last year, and since then it’s been ridden approximately 150 miles. It’s a 62cm Co-Motion Americano with a Rohloff Speedhu cheapest generic cialis uk b and Gates belt drive. […]

Porcelain Rocket Arrives

Back in 2008, I met a fellow bicycle tourist on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route named Scott Felter .  I met a lot of people on that trip, and I didn’t recall much about our encounter until recently. My friend Cass Gilbert went up to Victoria, BC a few months ago to get some […]