Czech it out!

I often have no idea what date or day of the week it is. Life is now measured in six day trips, where I might only know that it’s Day 2 but there is a heck of a lot to prepare for Day 3. With such an intense focus on the itinerary and trying to be able to answer 100 questions about details of the rest of the week that may be asked at any time by a Guest, everything else becomes secondary. I’m still quite the beginner at this job, but after such an crazy schedule while on trip I don’t really know what to do with myself when I come back for a few days off. I still dream about the trip I was just on and wake up in a cold sweat thinking that I might have forgotten somebody or something behind.

Having a camera as my constant companion has been therapeutic, and I’ve been enjoying shooting on trips and in my free time. Exploring southern Bohemia by bicycle is amazing, but trying to find parts that I want here is challenging.

The only decent bike shop in the area. Looks promising on the outside,

A fine selection of fancy electric bicycles, but I couldn’t find a decent tire bigger than 23mm and less than 35mm to save my life. I know this sounds a little nitpicky, but it made me appreciate the shop I’ve just come from SO much! It’s hard to find so many bike bits that I took for granted back home.

The town we live closest to, Cesky Krumlov, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been meticulously restored to look like a fairy tale land. Everything looks almost too perfect. It’s been fun to explore a little bit to find some of the back alleys and unrestored streets.

Somebody plastered a bunch of beer advertisements to the wall to create art.

Space Invader sticker

Good Night White Pride

The weather here can also change by the hour. It’s possible to be baking in the sun in the morning, and dodging hail in the afternoon.

Where’s the Bathroom?

The restaurants here all have different bathroom signs, some of them funny.

Saw this kid today, he knew he looked good.

This one not so much.

Veteran co-leader Malcolm, good guy and showing us the ropes.


That’s all for now, bike adventures coming soon!

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  1. Grant October 13, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Neat stuff, fun to read, Daniel. Yep, we haven’t forgot about you.
    Hey man, why were you even looking for a tire between 23 and 35? Thirty-five’s the lower limit, man.

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