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My time in the Czech Republic and Austria has come to an end.

I’m back in France, living in Provence and working as a mechanic in the Backroads bike shop until the staff ride in Crete. Stay tuned for a report from my Roving Mechanic time in Croatia. Leading trips this season with Backroads has been a great experience, one that wasn’t what I expected. Nobody tells you in training how much time you will spend sitting in vans! The amount of preparation and behind the scenes work that happens before a trip is incredible. Our guests see such a small part, and rarely see any of the inevitable mishaps along the way.

Leading trips is something I’d like to continue doing, although where and in what form remains to be seen.

I enjoyed Austria, and especially the Austrian sense of humor, somewhat dry and sarcastic.

There are real cows there too. Rolling farmland and quiet, manicured villages seem to be everywhere.

Hunting blinds, just like in Czech. You can tell this one is Austrian because they bothered to put a coat of paint on it!

There is a small bike museum in the town of Ybbs on the Danube.

‘My Wish’

A couple more ‘Where’s The Bathroom’ pics:

One more shot from Cesky Krumlov

A view from the other side of the river.


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  1. Don & Shirley Mulligan September 19, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    Hi Daniel!

    Good to get your Sep update and know that you are doing well! Your pictures and really good and as a former farm-boy, I enjoyed the cows! Have a good time in France and hope to see you this fall!

    Mandy’s G’parents

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