Back On The Saddle, In The Tent

I’ve had the chance to get out bike camping a couple times since coming back home in November, with friends Olivia and Aaron G. Here are a few pics.


It felt great to sort through my gear again, figure out how to fit it into the bags the right way and hop on.

First stop, Mount Diablo open space. The weather cooperated and we got to see a beautiful sunset.

Olivia enjoying the photographers ‘golden hour’.

What it looked like from her angle.

In the morning we tried an improvised double boiler on the Trangia Clikstand with a bowl inside of a pot with some water in between to heat up home-made quiches. It worked pretty well!

While I was away, I had custom ordered an ultra-light mosquito shelter for my GoLite Shangri-La 5 pyramid tent from Bear Paw Wilderness Designs and it worked great! Plenty roomy, and the only thing I’ll do is lay down some silicone on the floor to make less slippery. If it’s not pitched on perfectly level ground, the Thermarest pad will slip as easily as marbles on glass.

We went out again and camped at one of my other favorite sites, Hawk Camp in the Marin Headlands. Olivia brought her 29er mountain bike and shredded the gnar.

Last known photo of these shoes, they were stolen out of Olivia’s secure garage. I feel sorry for whoever ended up with them. No, really.

Me and Aaron with large tree at the start of the journey.

Olivia has a beautiful Ron Cooper touring bike that needed some work, so I helped her swap the stem, rewrap the bars, and re-cable most of the bike.

I’m only going to be in California until the end of December, so I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this great west coast weather we’re having and get out there!

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3 Responses to Back On The Saddle, In The Tent

  1. Cass December 10, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Dan, great light! I just made it out for an overnighter too. Felt good…
    Let’s try and get a ride in at some point.
    Have you spied my new (fat) tyres?

    • Daniel December 10, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

      Hey Cass,

      Yes, those tires look great! I’m actually torn right now between a Pugsley or Krampus build with the Rohloff from my Inglis, what do you think? Lets ride soon!

  2. Grant January 15, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    Hey man, are you here now?

    I want to go to high windy place sometime in the next month. I may have an unna by then. We need to get some shots for—the usual things—-. Anyway, it’d be good to get out and pitch a tent up there, maybe stay a bit the next day, maybe make it a two-nighter. It’s a good spot, and I feel like I need a difficult* time. If you’re around, let’s plan it.
    * rain cancels, though. I’m no fool.

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