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Destination Utah!

I’m back in Utah, Salt Lake City to be precise. The last time was in June, 2012 for my initial training with Backroads.  Before I left the Bay Area, I was able catch up with some friends and family.  One of these was Jim Thill, the owner of Hiawatha Cyclery, and formerly the writer of […]

Stein Mini-Cassette Tool

Olivia has finally gotten 99% of her gear together for the big New Zealand adventure. She picked up a neat little tool and I wanted to watch her try it for the first time. The Stein Mini Cassette Lockring Remover. This clever little tool takes the place of a conventional cassette removal tool setup, which […]

Ciclismo Cubano, Part Dos

Ciclismo Cubano Cycling in Cuba Mandy’s Cycling Adventures Most of my month in Cuba was spent in Viñales, a small farming town on the west side of the island. Viñales has one of the most unique landscapes I have ever seen: order viagra pills red earth roads carving through lush green rolling hills, surrounded by […]

New Home

So, here I am. In the Czech Republic (don’t even dare to call it Czechoslovakia!). This is my new home until mid-October, and I’m stoked to be here. Everything is different, mostly because the language is completely unrecognizable and people giggle cheap viagra online any time I attempt to say a word in Czech. Czech […]

Aaron’s Surly Troll Rohloff Long Term Review

To see Aaron’s initial review of the Surly Troll, it’s HERE.       One year ago I built and reviewed a Surly Troll with a Rohloff Speedhub. Two chains, a few thousand miles and a couple of parts swaps later, the Troll is alive and shredding. Over the past year the Troll has performed […]

image of Dan with Rivendell

Camping In The Hills, Tour Chasing

Another Monday, another campout. After coffee at Rapha, I headed out to Walnut Creek on BART to camp in the hills. I had planned to camp alone, but when I stopped by Camera West to say hi to Dan, who sold me my new Fuji X-Pro1 and rides his Rivendell to work every day, he […]

image of thomson stem bag, aaron's repair kit

What’s in Aaron’s Repair Kit?

While camping the other night, Aaron commented that his repair kit is one of the heaviest things in his bags.  I had him dump it all out so we could see what was inside. Everything seems so neat and tidy, until you open it up. Aaron is the guy you want to be with if you […]

A Visit To Falconer Cycles

After setting up the Mariachi with a frame bag, I knew that I needed another option for carrying a water bottle, so I called up Cameron Falconer to see about installing a set of bosses on the down tube. He was excited to help and show me around his workspace.

A Well Worn Ride

The other day an interesting guy came by the shop, his name is Siphay and he comes from France.He’s on a very long bike ride with some friends, riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker equipped with a Rohloff.

Soma Tradesman Pizza Bike

I recently sold Tim P from Escape From New York Pizza on Haight St. a Soma Tradesman cycletruck cargo bike.  He’s a cool guy and really into bikes, and thought that the Soma would be a great alternative to cars for delivering pizzas.