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New Gear and Prepping Olivia’s Adventure

It’s been a fun week watching Olivia receive box after box of new gear in preparation for her bikepacking adventure in New Zealand.  These boxes are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and came while I was house sitting/taking care of this little guy: I’ve been helping Olivia sort out her pack list, and […]

Cameras for Bicycle Touring

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. These days almost anything will work for as a travel camera.  In India, Jorge and Aaron brought nothing but their iPhone 4 cameras. I remember reading at one point that the iPhone 4 was the most used camera on Flickr! When I […]

image of bike camping kit

An Overnight Bike Camping Kit

I often talk with people who want to go bike camping, but feel intimidated by the amount of gear needed to do so even for one night. The nice thing about going on a short camping trip in good weather is that the gear demands are much less than a ‘bike tour’ or winter camping […]

She Rolls! Breakin’ Her In

Happy Extra Day today! I had been impatiently anticipating the arrival of the very very last part for the new Salsa El Mariachi for several days, and after thinking that it had been lost in the mail I received a text from an old roommate asking me if I needed the small padded envelope that […]

Tent Handbook

How many outdoor equipment companies do you know of that still produce any kind of print catalog?  How about a super informative and helpful one with lots of tips and detailed photos? I couldn’t think of too many either, but the one I look forward to the most is from Hilleberg of Sweden.After bikes, tents […]

Semi-Productive Sick Day

I’ve come down with bit of a cold, so I’m spending this wet day off from work being productive indoors, practicing my knots and drinking plenty of green tea.Fallkniven TK2, waterproof knot booklet, Bowline and Trucker’s Hitch, green tea. I’ve been deficient with my knot skills for a while, so I ordered the Pro-Knot waterproof […]

On a tandem, around the world.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a very interesting french couple, Elsa and Ollivier, who were shopping for a trailer for their tandem.  I asked them

An overnighter, and introducing Aaron’s Trohloff!

Last Wednesday I rode out to Samuel P Taylor state park, to try out some new gear.  I have some new bags from Carousel Design Works, and a new tent, sleeping bag and pad.Woohoo! New Hilleberg Akto tent fits my 6’4″ body very well and only weighs a little over

Progress, and a tent sponsor

I’m making steady progress on my dad’s new bike, got the crankset and fork installed, as well as the belt drive system. I was a bit skeptical about

Visit to Wilderness Trail Bikes

Yesterday my friend Aaron G and I rode our bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge, hit some dirt in the Marin Headlands, and shredded with our touring bikes down to Mill Valley, home of Wilderness Trail Bikes.It’s always fun to see massive cargo ships arriving from far off lands.The front door at Wilderness Trail Bikes.  […]