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Agony, Mishaps and Bliss on the Colorado Trail

For months we had been talking excitedly about our next adventure. However, as the days counted down to our departure for the Colorado Trail, a 540 mile hiking and mountain bike route that stretches from Denver to Durango, I experienced an unexpectedly different feeling from other bike tours I’d prepared for. Typically I would plan […]

New Bunyan Velo Issue and Rivendell Popup Store

I’m jumping back into the Blogosphere. It’s been a busy and challenging last several months, but I’ve arrived back in the Bay Area (living in Oak Land to be precise) and have lots of new things to write about.  What I’m most excited about at the moment is something I’ve been working on for a […]

Destination Utah!

I’m back in Utah, Salt Lake City to be precise. The last time was in June, 2012 for my initial training with Backroads.  Before I left the Bay Area, I was able catch up with some friends and family.  One of these was Jim Thill, the owner of Hiawatha Cyclery, and formerly the writer of […]

Back On The Saddle, In The Tent

I’ve had the chance to get out bike camping a couple times since coming back home in November, with friends Olivia and Aaron G. Here are a few pics.   It felt great to sort through my gear again, figure out how to fit it into the bags the right way and hop on. First […]

Wrapping Up The Season in Morocco

My season with Backroads has come to an end and I’m laying low in California for the time being.  Here are some photos from the last part of my adventures abroad. cialis order uk Before leaving Dubrovnik, we sat down for a cappuccino outside the walled city, and jumped into the Adriatic for a little […]

Roving in Croatia

Last week I was fortunate enough to be sent to Croatia as a roving mechanic for several days. Everybody at the office told me how wonderful Croatia is, but of course I was a bit skeptical. After arriving at 11pm during a rain storm, all I wanted to Buy Cialis Online Pharmacy do was get […]

Back to France

My time in the Czech Republic and Austria has come to an end. I’m back in France, living in Provence and working as a mechanic in the Backroads bike shop until the staff ride in Crete. Stay tuned for a report from my Roving Mechanic time in Croatia. Leading trips this season with Backroads has […]

Guest Post: Ciclismo Cubano

My friend Mandy M recently returned from a great adventure in Cuba and wanted to share a bit about her experience there. This is Part One. Ciclismo Cubano: Cycling in Cuba   Cuba is a count online pharmacy cialis ry that has long piqued my interest, for many reasons, including it being one of the […]

Czech it out!

I often have no idea what date or day of the week it is. Life is now measured in six day trips, where I might only know that it’s Day 2 but there is a heck of a lot to prepare for Day 3. With such an intense focus on the itinerary and trying to […]

New Home

So, here I am. In the Czech Republic (don’t even dare to call it Czechoslovakia!). This is my new home until mid-October, and I’m stoked to be here. Everything is different, mostly because the language is completely unrecognizable and people giggle cheap viagra online any time I attempt to say a word in Czech. Czech […]