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Agony, Mishaps and Bliss on the Colorado Trail

For months we had been talking excitedly about our next adventure. However, as the days counted down to our departure for the Colorado Trail, a 540 mile hiking and mountain bike route that stretches from Denver to Durango, I experienced an unexpectedly different feeling from other bike tours I’d prepared for. Typically I would plan […]

New Poster Project and a Bike Trip in Marin

After talking for about it for a year or so, my friend Michael Morgan has nearly finished the artwork for a poster for Pushing The Pedals. There will be only 100 made, and they will be all hand silk screened here in San Francisco. Stay tuned for mo buy cialis online re details! I went […]

image of Dan with Rivendell

Camping In The Hills, Tour Chasing

Another Monday, another campout. After coffee at Rapha, I headed out to Walnut Creek on BART to camp in the hills. I had planned to camp alone, but when I stopped by Camera West to say hi to Dan, who sold me my new Fuji X-Pro1 and rides his Rivendell to work every day, he […]

Salsa/Revelate Frame Bag

Before I start this post, if you want to see how a vacation video looks when it’s done right, check out what my friend Mike made! We Like Japan I’ve been enjoying using my lightweight seat and bar bags in an effort to reduce my pack weight and volume, but the biggest part of the […]

She Rolls! Breakin’ Her In

Happy Extra Day today! I had been impatiently anticipating the arrival of the very very last part for the new Salsa El Mariachi for several days, and after thinking that it had been lost in the mail I received a text from an old roommate asking me if I needed the small padded envelope that […]

Heavy bikes

Normally I don’t care too much about how much my bike(s) weigh. My first priority is durability and reliability, but my goal with the new Salsa is to get it 10 pounds lighter than my Inglis, still using the same Rohloff drivetrain. Part of this is easy, as I won’t be using any racks.  Tubus makes […]