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Aaron’s Surly Troll Rohloff Long Term Review

To see Aaron’s initial review of the Surly Troll, it’s HERE.       One year ago I built and reviewed a Surly Troll with a Rohloff Speedhub. Two chains, a few thousand miles and a couple of parts swaps later, the Troll is alive and shredding. Over the past year the Troll has performed […]

Monday is for Camping

Yesterday I found this on the street: Scary, because it’s the same lock I use. It looks like it was cut with some kind of hydraulic bolt cutter, a very clean cut. Aaron and I got lucky with the weather on our overnight campout Monday. We started at the ferry building where we picked up some […]

The Whole Package

The Mariachi is finally ready for Action. The last parts are in place, including this one:Eriksen Sweetpost.It has approximately twice the setback of my Thomson Elite post, and the brown hardware matches the mud that will inevitably be flung upon it. Now that the system is in place, it was time to give it a […]

Camping With Cass Part One (and a Pig Roast!)

A few weeks ago Cass Gilbert emailed to say he would be in town soon and would I like to meet up and ride some trails? He’s taking a break from his tour from Alaska to Patagonia to visit friends in the US.  We had never met, but I’d been interested to pick his brain […]

India pictures, Part 2

Here’s a few more pictures from the trip, this time almost all cycle related. I’m still sorting through nearly 1000 pictures.

Review: Aaron’s Surly Troll with Rohloff Speedhub

Aaron G, friend and Himalaya companion, recently built up a Surly Troll for our trip next month to India.  Here’s his review! UPDATE! Long Term Review can be seen HERE. Introduction If you spend enough time hanging out with Daniel Molloy you will eventually find yourself building up a Rohloff touring bike.  This was the […]